◇ Levalbuterol
◇ Cromolyn sodium
◇ Bezafibrate
  ◇ Tyramine
◇ N-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-Tyramine
◇ 4-hydrazino-N-methylbenzene...
◇ N-methyl-4-aminotoluenesu...
◇ N-methyl-4-nitrotoluenesu...
Suzhou Bolang Biological Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Suzhou city, and mainly dedicates to research development, production and sales of pharmaceutical materials, intermediates and other fine chemicals. Through years’ development, the company has owned products with market advantages and senior technical and management talents with strong development ability and rich production experiences. We establish stable production base in Wujiang and other relative areas, and possess many sets of reaction kettles to finish common chemical reaction synthesis.
The company gets a set of very perfect procedure with development, production and sales of new products, and makes good cooperation relationship with many domestic scientific institutes and testing centers and owns strong development ability for new products. Most of products are exported to foreign countries including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other nations and areas.
We adhere to the principle of equality, mutual benefits and friendly cooperation, and welcome domestic friends to make cooperation and create mutual development.